Aging and faith – how attitudes affect the aging


Few people stop to consider how attitudes affect aging. We think in terms of “symptoms” age in place. These “symptoms” are the body’s inevitable decay, the impairment of both vision and hearing loss, loss of mental faculties, sexual desire, and active interest in life.

Younger people often treat older people differently. Automatically assuming that they are less useful in the community and in a sense, complete with life – put out to pasture as the saying goes

Young people accept these beliefs early in life as an official, sanctioned the greater. community in which they live. These beliefs act as hypnotic suggestions take hold early and acted on as life passes with the full weight of science behind them. By the time young people become old they have fallen prey to the beliefs that society is convinced are the facts of life. The aging seems almost like a disease. Is it no wonder that the elderly are shunted away in homes as if not to remind the rest of us own our ultimate decay and fall into uselessness.

Adding to these views and give them even more credible is the ‘official’ advocates culture, ie media, commerce, business, entertainment and sports worlds who continually promote a never ending array of what might be called the unconscious “negative advertising” of aging. Glorification of youth makes the first signs of wrinkles appear intimidating.

capacity of the human body in older age has never been truly said, nor what impact mental attitude have on our physical performance. Such a study would be considered moot.

physical body can do much more than suspected. People can and should live with the strength and energy to death. The body and the mind to be out because they are used less and less. We slow down because we think we should slow down. We have let us really hypnotized by our own negative attitudes about aging. We believe, the mass, the aging means decay. Listen to the constant barrage proposals given the aging from every corner of society and even to proposals that we take on aging. The body and the mind can perform at high levels, even in advanced age. The body does not work out, we simply use it less. Our attitudes about aging comes first, the results of these beliefs come second. We met for our views in the community but do not recognize them as such. After all, aging decline and decay is a fact – or is it