Aging – The impact of aging on our body


The aging effect of various important parts of our body.Brain loses cells and the mass of aging. While normal brain weighs about three pounds at age 20, it can weight as much as 10% lower after age 90. loop (ie) the relationship between brain cells could also be reduced. It is mental ability. Ventricles in the brain that are filled with liquid get bigger. It marked the fading of memory in normal people in fifty of them. There is a growing likelihood of brain degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s striking by age 60.

Eye vision: Increased difficulty seeing nearby objects forties man. It is gradually the ability to see fine details. By the age of 50, a lifelong thickening of the lens causes a noticeable decrease in night vision and the ability to focus on close objects. Flash, low lighting and less ability to detect moving objects cause disturbances. Cataracts start developing and chances macular degeneration (because part of the hardening of the arteries within the eye) increases

Hearing :. The sense of hearing begins to decline around age 20 and worsens faster in adult men than in women. There is a reduced ability to hear higher frequencies that people get older.Sense smell and taste decreases slowly in the age of 45 and more rapidly after age 65

There is a considerable drop in the maximum breathing capacity between age 20 and 70 for chest wall constriction. This prevents the lungs from completely filling inhalation or empty during exhalation. Therefore, a greater amount of air remaining in the lungs after each breath, resulting in decreased aerobic capacity.

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