Defying the aging


As the years pass and the rich tapestry of life takes a toll affects how we see ourselves and how we behave? Should mental abilities, losing their get up-and-go as do our bodies? Do you think the old “or do you think young?”

Try to listen to the elderly as they relax with friends. Is their talks are future hopes; what they have yet to achieve? Is their conversation sprinkled with enthusiasm for what they have planned for next year, or they are looking back with nostalgia?

Young people are naturally programmed to think ahead. They talk about what they will do when they go to college. Their heads are full of ideas; new experiences, travel plans, home-buying, relationships, career opportunities; New friends, hobbies, achievements that beckon. On the other hand, many elderly people talk about the past and often on little else. It is as if they agree to them there is no future and so it becomes self-fulfilling desire.

The Key to Longevity

You take those who qualify for “eternal youth” prize. They are the more mature years who have the gift to be able to understand their prospects of physical decline and adapt their lifestyles accordingly. For many, their enthusiasm for life slows actual physical weakness. They know that age is just a matter of attitude. Maybe you can name a dozen or more famous people incredible zest and appearance belies the date on the birth certificates of their

You often hear the expression :. “. If I had her money, I would look like that of ‘appearance is subject to wealth or privileged access to modern medicine and cosmetics? It can help but it has limitations. We can all think of incredibly wealthy people for whom prosperity has had the effect of aging; the result of too much good living. Elixir of youth really does cross the wealth and social barriers

Young philosophies seems to cascade through Some peoples physical form. they seem to be forever youthful. It glows from their faces and rarely do they look back, except to laugh at himself. They plan ahead; they get excited about the holiday, family events, or new interests.

the young at heart to see past the half-forgotten country but never except dreams ahead. The early old are often highlighted in its previous life; it seems mild form Death Wish; all that gives hope for the future is of little importance to them. We’ve all seen the old youth and young old people.

Are Forever Young?

The forever young happy measures and, if physical disabilities prevent one task then they think about other less demanding one to take its place. Because the legs no longer as good as they used to be does not mind the age of

Change the lifestyle and interests occurs naturally throughout our lives :. In fact, it accelerates from birth. There is simply no reason at all to see the lifestyle adjustment of the 60-year-old to be any different with the changes we experience when we go from birth to childhood, the Teenage Angst and the age family. The change is not age.

no one gets out of here alive

A 65-year-old friend tells me he is having a much better time now than at any other time of his life. No, he can not physically fit teenage son than he is? The advantage is that most of his responsibilities, as to generate income and raise a family, have evaporated. He has happily evolved over the decades and is now working his age in a positive not a negative way.

Age is an attitude. We all know what the passage of time can do to us, but as long as you have some health and are happily firing on all cylinders spiritual; agree a lot and looking to the future with enthusiasm, there is no reason to lie down and wait to die. If you do, it will happen before your time is up. Think young and you will live many years longer.