How To Reverse the aging regenerative Nutrition and Natural Health


3 Keys to reverse aging

Regenerative nutrition is essential to live a healthy life, but to reverse the aging process we have to let your food be your medicine and medicine be thy your food . Food is supposed to be our brains; provide essential vitamins, minerals and nutrition that we need so desperately to correct biologically active & over all well-being. Western society is the most overfed and undernourished society on earth. Our cells are crying out for bio-available nutrients they can use to carry over 3000 biological functions. To reverse the aging process that we need to address key factors that cause aging, degradation and disease :. Inflammation, Cellular oxidation & immune imbalance

1. Cellular Oxidation due to damage caused by free radicals: Rejuvenating nutrition can and will do, as well as enable youth regenerative gene essential for longevity and health. We have about 52 “Youth genes” that go dormant aged 19-25. As these genes that once helped us grow, build muscle, balance hormones etc become dormant, we start aging & get older. To literally make the youth gene again that we need a very powerful and concentrated formulation of pure trans resveratrol, quercetin, catechins & polyphenols. In the correct ionic solution and the thickness of the mix, the persons nutrients elixir for longevity.

Science has found that this synergistic blend of natural ingredients can and will “change the youth genes back” and reverse aging . How would you like to live well in the 90’s and beyond, healthy and disease? It is possible. How about reversing disease with powerful regenerative nutrition like this!? People have truly miraculous results. In biology, regeneration process of renovation, repair and growth that makes the genome, cells, organs, organisms and ecosystems resilient to natural variation or events that cause disturbance or damage. Each type is capable of renewal, from bacteria to humans. We just need to give our cells the right amount of vitamins, trace elements & Fulvic acid necessary for the replacement and repair.

2. Immune System Stability: As our cells are constantly attacked in 1000 by free radicals every minute of our immune system can get out of balance and begin to attack our own healthy cells. By boosting our immune system with regenerative nutrition as fucoidan we can better fight aging, degredation & disease. Fucoidan is a natural nutrients in brown seaweed. The Chinese refer to it as “Virgin Mothers Milk” because it contains all the same nutrients and antibodies that breast milk. Due to recent events, please be sure the source is contaminant free.

3. Inflammation: To reverse the aging process, we must also address inflammation; one of the most damaging of all. Hidden inflammation is the cause of many illnesses and accelerated aging. We can use regenrative nutrition as fucoidan to stop this disease. Fucoidan is considered the most powerful natural anti-inflammatory. This one nutrient has over 800 published studies on the ability it has to renew healthy stem cells (hole Grail to live healthy), prevent and treat cancer, fight inflammation so effectively used Regenerative Nutrition turning aging These 3 factors: inflammation, Immune Imbalance & Cellular Oxidation causes accelerated aging. By addressing these issues with the highly effective regeneratve nutrition we can reverse the aging process. It’s not about the years of life, but life to years!