Stress Aging and Anti-Aging – Chronic Stress Response and aging


I know, everyone wants a magic pill for eternal youth! We love instant gratification in the form of quick fixes and symptomatic treatment. But change our lives and our lifestyles? Give up coffee and soft drinks? Just the thought of such a thing is stressful! Ha!

I’m not here to add more stress, guilt or anxiety in your life. I’m here to help and encourage you in a healthier lifestyle. I will survive 100 plus years. But it would matter if I could not enjoy life due to aging and degeneration?

So let’s explore the concept of aging. Let’s look at a role to decay and then look for solutions. What can we do to encourage renewal?

Our body instead of 300 billion cells a day. 300 billion! It is constantly remaking itself. How awesome is that? Why, then, we age? If our body’s natural renewal, why is it to break down as we get older?

And what does stress have to do with this?

Stress in itself is a normal part of living. The stress response is good when you are faced with a life threatening experience or the need to move fast action. The problem today is that we live in a state of chronic stress response.

cumulative stress and the occurrence of disease may define age more than chronological aging. Obviously we are not going to rid our lives of stressful situations. We are here to live! A love for rock climbing can be a stressful situation that really is life enhancing. But the constant Road Rage or constant stress producing work deadlines can yield decomposed body health.

We need to learn how to change our response to stressful situations. And we can supply our bodies with support foundational nutrition and exercise to encourage the best metabolism.

Let’s look at solutions.

1) Change how you respond to stressful situations. Deadlines? Traffic? Kids? Money? You can learn to respond in a relaxed way with these conditions. Learn EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) EFT is a great tool for transformation and change.

2) Eat foods that support your body in anabolic activity. By changing the food we consume we can support our bodies in the best of health. He foods that fuel anabolic activity. Give it life enhancing food!

3) use supplements that encourage anabolic metabolism. Anti aging nutritional science is exciting. By focusing our attention on the underlying causes of aging and increase in line we can help our body to maintain youthful vigor as we age.