How to slow down the aging brain


The Aging Brain is becoming National Health Issue as many Baby Boomers are expected to lose their mental faculties to Alzheimer ‘while their children try to figure out what to do. (According to a report in the Wall Street Journal.

To quote from PSI Research Column position in the October issue Venture to , show previous research reports there are some preventive measures that can be implemented.

Mainly … Exercise your brain, to be mentally active, learn a new language, learn to play an instrument, be socially engaged and activities that involve using both the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

Activities like learning Speed ​​Reading and Mental Photography greatly amnesia, and are great ways to stimulate the brain.

Meditation Grows New Brain Cells

Meditation grows brain cells and helps to reduce stress. While most exercises affect the body, meditation Workout affects the brain, and grows new cells.

Past studies have shown that meditation enable people to manage negative emotions and developing positive ones, leading to less stress and a stronger immune system.

New research, conducted on UCLA and published in the Journal of Neuro Image has shown that Meditation practice increases brain case, the development of new brain cells and connections.

Concentration and Focus

Researchers at Harvard University found that the aging brain is slower. The effect is the ability of the brain to send out “ignore” tags disruptive incoming information is delayed. Thus, the concentration of the respective easier interrupted. Understanding these effects can help researchers create even more effective ways for us to keep our brains young.

Albert Einstein had an amazing Focus. He created a system that allowed him to get 100% locked-in strength. Strength His method was unknown until it was found in his notes after his death.


Yes, there are ways that we can take control of the aging of our brain. Brain Management Scientists are working diligently to come up with even more ways to reduce the onset of Alzheimer’s. ” But now, the best answer for everyone seems to be, to keep your mind Mentally Active. Never stop learning new things, no matter what our age and learn to meditate.