3 Ways to slow the aging process and age healthily


Perhaps one of the comments I hear most often in my room, “I’ll tell you, Doc., Cooking is not for the feint willing! ‘

What does this really mean? Because negative effects of aging are so common that we have come to recognize that it is inevitable that, as we grow older, we will automatically suffer with ill health.

Form illness may differ significantly from discomfort -skeletal pain more difficult problems like arthritis, various cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis, high cholesterol, hypertension and stroke, to digestive conditions and of course the ultimate dreaded disease – cancer, to name only a few of the most common ailments we have almost come to expect will surface as the get older.

Is it really necessary to just take this as inevitable, or is it really something we can do?

Well, according to research from the United States the whole process of aging is coming under spot light

The aging is a natural process and as such is not necessarily associated with the main -. ease and often diseases. In fact, it may well be aspects of aging that is very desirable -. Wisdom for example

Because get chronologically older is a process that is inevitable that we should really be putting our attention on “aging. Aging is the term given to the process of age-related changes that adversely affect the energy and activity of the organism.

We’ve all known people in 70 of those 80 and often older who are hale and hearty, and the most common comment when around them is “If I can be like him or her when I’m 80 I’ll be quite happy.”

It is generally believed that aging is genetically determined and if we are unfortunate enough to have inherited the ‘unhealthy’ genes we will experience all the negative effects of aging

A study conducted by a group of researchers at the University in Pennsylvania found that only 20% -. 30% of our longevity is determined by our genes. In fact, Dr. Bruce Lipton, a well-known cell biologist, believes that genetic effects can actually be as much 5% – 10%. This means that at best 70% -. 80% and even up to 95% of how long we live and our quality of life, determined by the impact of the external environment on genes

This puts the responsibility for our health and longevity fairly and honestly every call us! It is no longer acceptable to blame anybody but ourselves for our state of health.

What can we do then to help us? Indeed, as it turns out, anti-aging research say that there is much we can do to prevent cellular damage.

There are three areas that need to be addressed when looking to take responsibility for our health, well-being and longevity: physical / our structural system, biochemical / nutritional system and psychological / our emotional system.

Let’s take a closer look at what this really means.

structure of our system consists of muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, cartilage and connective tissue. The structure of the system is generally quite resilient, although the lifestyle we live today subject to this system to continue ‘Repeated. Repeated means causing the body to continuous, repetitive, such as driving or sitting behind a desk or computer.

Generally hectic life styles we live in today, or type of lifestyle that we created in our previous years, and the need to be busy all the time means we do not get enough R & R time. During rest bodies ‘repair teams’ become active, update power supplies, rebuild muscle, producing new cells and ‘recharging the batteries’. Depriving the body of rest and relaxation, not to mention sleep, and you put all body systems, physiological stress, which will eventually lead to a breakdown of tissue, revived aging and ultimately the manifestation of symptoms.

over My patients often ask me what the single most important thing is that I would recommend for an older person when it comes to the structure of the system. Well, with out a doubt it would increase tension.

As we age our muscles get weaker and smaller. The muscles are a source of energy and infrastructure support. A light resistance exercise, muscle strengthening systems, will offer remarkable support for many different body systems.

Other goods that we need to invest more thought and planning is a nutrition and bio-chemical system. Our bodies can actually be described as a complex chemical laboratories. Chemical occurring every second intermediate produce analgesics, antibiotics, cortisone, hormones, enzymes, energy molecules and thousands of other substances that keep us alive. These reactions are dependent on the wonderful stuff called food.

More important than food alone, it is the right type of food that is so important to the optimal functioning of our body. Every meal should contain a mixture of carbohydrates (potatoes, rice, bread, cereals), protein (fish, meat, chicken, nuts, seeds, cheese, eggs, beans, soy) and fats (olive oil, fish oil, flax oil). Meals should always eat while sitting down and not “on the run” and each mouthful should be chewed 20 times!

refined foods like sugar and white flour, processed foods like frozen meals and packaged foods, “Deli ‘meat and canned foods, fast food and junk foods are” nutrient deficiency’ and should be taken in moderation, if at all.

If these foods are used regularly depositing corpses punitive system under stress, resulting in the condition as ‘insulin resistance’, which has been directly linked to cardiovascular disease, adult initial diabetes, elevated cholesterol levels and with uric acid. The body is more prone to damage caused by free radicals, also directly related to prostitution aging. The body’s immune system is “up-regulated” is adrenal stimulation, resulting in many harmful effects of getting older such as increased susceptibility to bacterial and viral infections, bowel disturbance reduced libido, fatigue, menopausal symptoms and the list goes on and on.

Finally need to consider psychological / our emotional system as it is this system that allows us to deal with stress. It is well known fact that the on-going stress makes us ‘feel’ old. Why is it though some are more negative effects of stress than others?

It is quite simple. We have learned response to certain stimuli that we are subjected to daily – time pressure, unnecessary deadlines perfectionism, dealing with on-going relationship problems, living in regret the past and fear the future, for example. These learned answers result in the production of certain “messenger molecules ‘(HRT) as norepinephrine and cortisol, which affect the” up-regulating’ almost all systems and cells in the body to to assist the body in dealing with chronic stress.

As time progresses the body becomes less and less able to cope, coping mechanisms become exhausted and start to falter and symptoms start manifesting.

In order to handle these stressful stimuli subconscious memory banks, the learned responses are stored, must be reprogrammed. Reprogramming negative stimuli in a positive is, admittedly, not easy, but it is not impossible.

Meditation, visualization and affirmations, when practiced regularly, there are techniques that will provide impetus for reprogramming. The amazing power of positive thinking, the cure tool, is becoming more and more accepted, even among some of the Die Hard traditionalist.

As we become more proficient at seeing all the positive light of the body is less shock and be accompanied by a process of “youthful aging”.

So it is not too late to take control, make necessary lifestyle changes that will add years to life and life to your years.


How to Find the Best Face Cream which will reverse the aging


If reverse the aging process is ultimately what you want to do, you will find anti-aging face cream that focuses on aging at the source. Without this, you will only let the aging reach you sooner.

By using face cream that addresses the problem of aging of the skin of the main causes, you can turn this natural process, and even prevent it from happening in the near future.

Do you know what the biggest cause of aging skin is?

The primary reason for aging signs develop due to low collagen and elastin proteins in the skin. Collagen and elastin are two important proteins in the skin structure. They are proteins that keep your skin firm, flexible, tone and youthful.

But the thing is, as you get older, these proteins begin to break down and less and less of them are produced by the body. And when it is not high enough amounts of collagen and elastin in the skin, it is easier for wrinkles, dark eye circles, and other aging signs to form.

So what kind of face cream will prevent this from happening?

If you want to have a chance to reverse the aging process, you need to get a face cream that will stimulate natural regrowth and the production of collagen and elastin proteins. It’s as simple as that. All other products that do not do this is a waste of time and hard-earned money.

I’m not talking about the face cream products that actually contain collagen and elastin proteins either. Collagen and elastin proteins are too large to be absorbed into the skin, which makes this type of facial cream worthless.

After I learned this important fact, I found out about a cutting-edge ingredient called CynergyTK. It is made by a company in New Zealand, so it’s not even that popular yet. The company is so small that it does not even have a good size advertising budget.

But face cream with CynergyTK works so well to reverse the aging process, it’s almost like applying a liquid skin on your face. I know it sounds impossible, but it is quite true. It is even proven in clinical trials to increase skin firmness, elasticity, a new production of skin cells.

Since I’ve started using face cream with CynergyTK, my skin gets noticeably softer and younger looking every week. My wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed out, my skin is firmer and more toned, and my complexion is brighter and more radiant. I honestly do not think I could always use a face cream without CynergyTK ever again.


Slow Down Physical aging – Anti Aging Diets Reviewed make you look younger


At the beginning of the late 30s, our body experiences physical aging. Appearance of wrinkles, crow’s feet and age spots are signs of aging. These ugly lines make us look old and nerdy. Everyone wants to eliminate these unwanted lines in order to look young. Most people take shorter routes such as features and Botox to slow this process, which can be harmful for their body in the long run.

Everyone craves for younger skin and wrinkles and crow’s feet destroys its charm. The advent of old age is a very frustrating experience. In order to flaunt flawless and ageless skin, we should always try to employ natural techniques. We should try to create activities in our lives by performing cardio workout. Exercise not only help you lose weight, but also to maintain circulation, which consequently offers you toned skin.

An aging body usually suffers from stress, obesity and depression. In order to slow physical aging, you can try yoga. There are a variety of yogic position, which will help you to rejuvenate your skin and throughout the body. You should drink lots of water throughout the entire process to achieve the best results.

Anti Aging Diets Reviewed make you look younger

Anti Aging Diet mainly contains antioxidants called phylonutrients, which can protect you from free radicals and nurture collagen and elastin in the body . They can also protect you from deadly diseases such as diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s disease. Some of the best diet to slow physical aging are:

* Fruits and vegetables : Consumption of colorful vegetables can be very useful for defying age because they contain antioxidants. You should include more salads and fruit juices in your diet for age transition

* Fishes :. They are considered anti-inflammatory food because they contain Omega3 fatty acids. You should increase the consumption of whole grains and legumes to slow physical aging.


How Do You Reverse skin aging?


What you use on your skin to reverse skin aging and again enjoy skin that is firm, full, and smooth? Many people go to use the wrong formulas for return firmness and elasticity, and this is because they honestly do not understand what works and does not. I’m not criticizing them for not knowing, because there is no reason to think that they should know the ins and outs of the product.

Most of us feel that we should be able to trust the company to provide us with the safest and most effective anti aging cream possible, but this is not the case. The last thing you want to do is take the word of some company for their products are either safe or effective. In most cases, the products are marketed are not, you may be putting yourself at risk with no real hope of results.

The average product on the market against those who want to reverse skin aging is filled with dangerous toxins and carcinogens. Products are developed to use this potentially dangerous chemical substances that are cheaper to use than safe, healthy, all natural ingredients. Natural compounds provide you with exactly what you need to firming and smoothing the skin.

In addition to the absence of antioxidant rich natural compounds to reverse the lines in the skin developed by free radical activity, it is also usually nothing to improve tissue loss and polymer. Even if anti-aging skin care products was made up entirely of all natural ingredients that would still only reduce the minimum number of lines in the skin. Antioxidants can only do so much for you.

You need to be able to reverse the skin aging causing damage to the collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid by using enzymes to break these tissues and polymer down. You also need a way to proclaim rev up collagen and elastin production. Lucky for you there are healthy natural ingredients available to you to help you reverse the processes that cause wrinkles and skin subsided.

The first thing choose your anti aging skin care products needed to improve firmness and smoothness of the skin is a combination of grape seed oil and Phytessence Wakame kelp extract. These two compounds can effectively control harmful enzymes responsible for tissue and polymer breakdown. This capability significantly slows the rate of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid loss.

Once you have been able to minimize the tissue and polymer, you want something in your formula that will reverse the skin aging responsible for reduced collagen and elastin production. What you need is a nano-emulsion form of coenzyme Q10 called Nano-Lipobelle H-EQ10. This material will greatly enhance the production of tissue, and make your skin noticeably smoother and firmer.

right materials will increase efforts to reverse skin aging, and the ingredients are grape seed oil, Phytessence Wakame kelp extract, and Nano-Lipobelle H-EQ10.

Product without these substances will not give you the results you’re after.


Natural Anti Aging – Slow Down aging within


Natural anti aging will happen if you give your body everything it needs to rejuvenate itself from within naturally. When you do this right natural anti-aging says, and over time will slow down the speed of the body ages.

If you do it correctly you will start to look and feel younger naturally without the need to resort to surgical face lifts, Botox, injectable fillers or hormone injections.

The truth is, the natural aging involves nothing more than a good understanding of what causes the body to age, what your body needs most and what you should avoid.

A recent upsurge in sales of products such as nutrition, physical fitness, skin care, vitamins, supplements and herbs is a good indication that people want to look younger and live longer.

Although there have been a lot of medical research in turn aging and regeneration of skin cells with embryonic stem cells, for the people feel and look younger can be simplified by avoiding proven age accelerators.

It is generally acknowledged that the expected lifespan can be increased by following the natural anti-aging program that includes a good and balanced diet, keep fit with regular exercise and avoid age rate risks as sugar consumption, refined carbohydrates, smoking, sun damage, inflammation caused by toxins or excessive exercise, and muscle atrophy from inactivity

Natural Anti Aging -. The Worst Age Accelerator

Most of us know that you should cut down on sugar if you want to lose weight but did you know that sugar accelerates the rate at which your body age

According to Dr. Nicholas Perricone; “Sugar is a very harmful effect on the skin because it attaches to proteins of collagen, causing collagen to” cross-link. “When collagen cross-links, it becomes rigid and inflexible, leading to wrinkling and rigidity of the old skin.”

cross-linking agent of collagen makes the skin not only inflexible, but it also leads to discoloration and pigmentation defects, such as age-spot

Dr Nicholas Perricone also says :. “Eating sugary and starchy foods shows up on the skin loss radiance, dark circles under the eyes, loss of tone, swelling, increase in fine lines and wrinkles, loss of facial contours and increased pore size. These foods can also increase acne, that. Is systemic, inflammatory disease, I am not exaggerating when I say that sugar can rob you of your youth, health and beauty “

Natural Anti Aging -. Cut Out Sugar

Sugar cause endogenous glycation occur in the blood, fructose and galactose are the worst culprits because they have about ten times the glycation activity of glucose.

glycation is the first step in a complex series of very slow reactions in the body that ultimately lead to advanced glycation end products (ironically known as age).

Some old reactions and sugars they were originally derived from and are implicated in many age-related chronic diseases such as :. cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, and peripheral neuropathy

glycation also causes moisture of age clearly by damaging collagen in two ways. Firstly reduces glycation ability of collagen to restore skin structure and secondly it enhances the natural rate at which collagen breaks down.

So, the natural aging perspective, sugar delivers a hefty two-pronged attack on the skin and it increases as you get older and your collagen levels naturally become weaker.

If this is not bad enough, glycation also increases the harmful effects of the smoking, alcohol and sun damage.

So the next time you feel tempted by the sugary donut or extra spoonful of sugar in tea, thinking. Sugar consumption increases the serious risk of having wrinkled, crepey skin that is sensitive to sagging and age spots.

avoid sugar seems to be simple but sugar is found everywhere in this modern world.

convenience foods, processed foods, fizzy drinks, sweets, cakes, biscuits, something that has been caramelized.

If you are serious about natural anti aging then you have to cut sugar from your diet completely.

Sugar has no place in the natural anti-aging program if you want to slow the aging process and reap the rewards in the future by a radiant, smoother and energy to enjoy extended life.

For most longevity is not worth having if you do not have the energy and health to enjoy it, feeling younger and look younger go together when it comes to natural anti aging.


Best Anti Aging Products – slow down the aging


Anyone who has tried to buy anti-aging products know how difficult it can be due to many options on the market. Demand for products has led to an increase in the number of manufacturers who produce them. It can be very confusing trying to figure out the best products to use especially considering the fact that many of them promise instant results. According to studies, billions of dollars spent on products and unfortunately, many of them do not live up to their promises.

dermatologists recommend that people should be well informed and educated in order to identify the best products in the market. Choose products that are created to slow down the process of aging can not be done blindly, unless you want to do more harm than good. Buy the right product will save you a lot of time and money, and you can avoid experimenting with skin. The following are some tips that can help you choose a product that really works.


To find out the products that work and those that do not, it’s a good idea to carry out a thorough investigation. Investigate some of the products available will help you make a smart buying decision. One of the best places to start your research is the dermatologist’s office. You can get all the information you need about the best ingredients to look for, and you can avoid using products that can be harmful. Dermatologists will be well informed about the products that work best.

Consider the type of skin

When choosing skin care products ensure that you consider your skin type. The best product is one that is designed to work with the skin. People have different skin types and therefore have different products have been formulated to suit their needs. Visit a dermatologist to find out your skin type before you start shopping for products.

moisturizer with sunscreen

Look for products that have moisturizing and sun protection capabilities. Most dermatologists agree that moisturizers and sunscreen effective products that you can use for anti-aging. The moisturizers that have sunscreen help to reduce fine lines and when it is used every day they work effectively to slow the signs of aging. It is important to use sunscreen regardless of the weather.

Buy Best Anti-Ageing Cream Online and be sure to read the product label carefully before use. Read labels will help you know the content of the product, and you can avoid those that can cause harmful side effects.


Best Anti Aging Ingredients – Six natural ingredients to slow the aging


There are many substances and materials included in wrinkle creams. Since manufacturers are not high control, they will often include materials that have not been properly tested to ensure they are safe. For this reason, it is best to use only products that are 100% natural. Here are examples of many of the best anti aging ingredients

1. Vitamin A :. This product can be effective and it helps to reduce lines and wrinkles on the skin

2. Alpha hydroxy acids: Over 200 manufactures in the world are Alpha Hydroxy Acids in skin creams their products. This is because there is substantial evidence that these materials plays an important role in reducing wrinkles.

3. Green Tea: Green tea has been well documented that many health benefits. It is believed that green tea helps in skin smoothness

4. Copper peptides: These ingredients could hold the holy grail of anti-aging remedies. Recent studies show that copper peptides can significantly affect aging. There are now creams on the market that include this material in large quantities.

5. Ferulic Acid :. Some studies indicate that this material can be more powerful than Vitamins C and E when it comes to care epidermis

6. Vitamin C: This is one of the most common ingredients that help in aging. When looking for a skin care cream, look for products that contain vitamin C

These are some of the best anti-aging products. It is now recommended that you use only natural products, creams and lotions to protect against natural process of aging.

Many of the standard lotion contains chemicals that could harm your health, so it is best to use natural alternatives that work just as well to make you feel young again!


How to slow down the aging brain


The Aging Brain is becoming National Health Issue as many Baby Boomers are expected to lose their mental faculties to Alzheimer ‘while their children try to figure out what to do. (According to a report in the Wall Street Journal.

To quote from PSI Research Column position in the October issue Venture to , show previous research reports there are some preventive measures that can be implemented.

Mainly … Exercise your brain, to be mentally active, learn a new language, learn to play an instrument, be socially engaged and activities that involve using both the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

Activities like learning Speed ​​Reading and Mental Photography greatly amnesia, and are great ways to stimulate the brain.

Meditation Grows New Brain Cells

Meditation grows brain cells and helps to reduce stress. While most exercises affect the body, meditation Workout affects the brain, and grows new cells.

Past studies have shown that meditation enable people to manage negative emotions and developing positive ones, leading to less stress and a stronger immune system.

New research, conducted on UCLA and published in the Journal of Neuro Image has shown that Meditation practice increases brain case, the development of new brain cells and connections.

Concentration and Focus

Researchers at Harvard University found that the aging brain is slower. The effect is the ability of the brain to send out “ignore” tags disruptive incoming information is delayed. Thus, the concentration of the respective easier interrupted. Understanding these effects can help researchers create even more effective ways for us to keep our brains young.

Albert Einstein had an amazing Focus. He created a system that allowed him to get 100% locked-in strength. Strength His method was unknown until it was found in his notes after his death.


Yes, there are ways that we can take control of the aging of our brain. Brain Management Scientists are working diligently to come up with even more ways to reduce the onset of Alzheimer’s. ” But now, the best answer for everyone seems to be, to keep your mind Mentally Active. Never stop learning new things, no matter what our age and learn to meditate.


Fighting the aging process – a guide for DHEA supplements Vitamins


Our bodies and some of their work to weaken because of the inevitable wear that comes with aging. However, much of the medical research being done nowadays have led to the discovery of supplements that can keep certain chemicals inside our bodies – substances that contribute to our well-being. One example of this life-giving material dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA).

First, what is DHEA?

The DHEA is a steroid from the adrenal glands, which can be found near the kidneys. It is not yet clear whether DHEA has some hormonal effect, but scientists have proved that the body breaks it down into estrogen (hormone prevalent in women) and testosterone (a hormone dominant in males). Hormones control bodily functions like metabolism and growth.

Thus DHEA is an important growth in aging. However, its strength is a maximum of around 20 years old, before it rejects gradually. This is a problem that DHEA supplements vitamins answers. Read on to learn key information you should know about steroid DHEA and DHEA supplements how vitamins can benefit you or someone you know.

Who can benefit from supplements DHEA vitamin?

According to studies, DHEA is very useful for people suffering from AIDS or MS. Consumption supplements DHEA vitamin ability to: increase energy, increase strength, improve immunity, build muscle, reduce fat and improve your sense of well-being especially people suffering from AIDS or MS

DHEA supplements are available. in tablet or capsule form.

Who should not take DHEA supplements vitamins?

People who are allergic to DHEA should not take DHEA supplements. Also consult with your doctor before taking DHEA supplements vitamins if you have chronic health problems, family history of cancer or allergic to certain medicines, food, and other materials.

DHEA vitamin should not be used during breastfeeding. The risk of taking DHEA supplements vitamins for pregnant women is still unknown, however, since the US Food and Drug Administration does not regulate its use. Consult your doctor first before taking this steroid thing. For women, there are some side effects: acne, hair loss, facial hair growth (may be irreversible), and deep voice (may be irreversible)

Nutritional DHEA supplements are dangerous for children under two years of age. , Like other supplements.

Some reminders

Nutritional supplements (including vitamins DHEA) are unregulated in the United States to be safe and be sure that the supplements you buy are not harmful additives them, make it a point to buy only from pharmaceutical GMP-compliant manufacturers.


How to Reverse aging


Today most of a person’s life is spent racing against time. This race against the clock takes years of our lives and we can not even be aware of it. Several factors contribute to this aging. These include avoiding exercise, over dependence on fast foods, junk foods, refined and highly processed foods, eating too much refined sugar and excess stress.

There are some simple way you can help avoid this accelerated aging. The best thing you can do is to start a regular exercise routine. Exercise helps the aging process in two ways. The first is that it will help cut down on the amount of stress you body changes. Second exercise helps your whole body to function better.

While many see fast food as a quick and convenient way to eat they are usually high in fat, sugar and salt. If possible, it is best to cut down on fast food and try to use alternatives. As the public becomes more health conscious you can find more options available in the market.

Similarly, reduce the amount of refined sugar you eat as well as junk food like chips, sodas and sweets will help reverse or slow the aging process. These foods have very little nutrients and it is better to replace them with snacks like fruits and vegetables.

By changing this area and come up with better eating and exercise habits you can live a healthier life. A healthier life is necessary to help reverse or slow the aging process. Not only will you feel better but you will also start to look and feel younger.