Anti Aging Skin Care Products – Can They Stop aging



While talking about anti-aging skin care products, the first thing we think about is the beauty of women, but today even men care about their appearance. Of course, anyone would like to look young forever, even though it is impossible to stop time.

Is it possible to stop the aging of the skin?

But recent studies have shown that it is possible to linger on aging, despite the fact that it is a natural process. So the modern market modern vendor companies offer mainly two types of skin treatment products, effective solution for young and beautiful skin

1. Vitamin C based anti aging skin products;

2. Phytochemicals.

vitamin C based anti aging skin care

How does vitamin C based facial skin care?

Such skin care products, including vitamin C based anti aging skin solutions popular and wide-spread. Such kinds of products are also considered antioxidants. Thanks for vitamin C, these products make collagen synthesis known as the building blocks of protein in the skin. This tissue is very important in order to provide the youth of the skin forever. But the only problem with these beauty products based on vitamin C, they may get oxidized themselves while contact with air during their use.

Therefore, as an alternative solution, some anti-aging skin care products are made based on the derivatives of vitamin C, which are more stable, secure and at the same time cheaper. But worse is that the anti aging skin care products based on such products are not as effective as vitamin C based anti aging skin care solutions.

Do you know the main ingredients antioxidant skin care products? The products

In addition to vitamin C, such skin products, especially cream are vitamin E and liponic acid are also antioxidants

o Vitamin E – a fat-soluble anti- oxidant blood is all important in building resistance to infections. This vitamin is also considered to be effective in preventing cancer.

o Liponic acid is a popular combat signs of early aging, as it goes really deep into the cells and tissues of the skin and regenerate areas damaged by aging.


Phytochemicals are other types of anti aging skin care products that are also popular today. As you can see from the name, phytochemical are special substances extracted from plants. Today, one can find a large variety of phytochemicals that are on the market. This type of products is very effective in preventing certain cancer, including breast cancer, prostate cancer and colon cancer. Because they are so popular among modern anti-aging treatments.

In addition to all the above materials, if you look through the cream or other skin care products, you may notice that a group of B-vitamins like B5, B6 and B12 are also provided.


Natural Tips to slow down the aging


Are you aware of the fact that there are actually natural ways to slow the aging process? There are some who are around sixty who look like they are not date from the forties. Then they are fifty of those who are able to look like someone in their thirties. While many are wondering just what those secrets are. You might be wondering if it really eternal youth.

Below are some ways you can work to slow the body’s aging process. The first thing you should try to do is add more ingredients for anti-aging in your diet. You will want to look for things called antioxidants. This helps you stay young. Two of the most well-known antioxidants happen to be C and vitamin A. You will find that you can get plenty of vitamin C from citrus fruits. For vitamin A you might want to eat more collard greens, spinach, carrots and squash.

Another thing you want to do is work to walk briskly every other day. You should try to keep a brisk walk for at least twenty minutes and it should be done in three days or even more per week. This helps to strengthen bones in the lower body. This will help to fight off osteoporosis. Walking fast should take you about a mile around fifteen minutes. This is a great form of exercise for people who would rather stay away from the more traditional aerobic exercise.

You may also want to look into dieting. The purpose of cutting back on the fat content is because it helps to prevent arteries from clogging cholesterol have them. This will also help you to have overweight is normal, which is another important factor. Do you have problems with weight can cause you to be at increased risk of having diabetes, breast cancer, and also heat disease. These are all things that you definitely want to steer clear of if at all possible.

You should also work to stop smoking. Many smokers are known to have a minimum of one of these things

o Lines and wrinkling is noticeable

o Gauntness

o and / or appearance outside color.


The aging signs Aging


aging brings with it myriad types of problems in the body. There is more sensitivity to cancer with age. It is due to metabolic processes, cell repair and elimination of defective cells decreases. Musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal, sexual and endocrine organs also function at lower than optimal levels.

With aging is a significant reduction in muscle mass and strength. Spinal discs become thinner, cartilage and joints begin the process of degeneration. The tissues are less elastic making the person less flexible and mobile. Aging is a loss of height and increased fracture. Arthritis is very common ailments associated with aging leads to more joint wear.

aging also cause the nervous system to be affected. Nerve sensitivity and transmission decreases brain mass reduction in our volume, our reflexes slow, and there is a measurable reduction in learning ability and memory. Senility can be caused by decreasing nervous system function and the impact of reduced traffic. There is a 20% chance at the age of 65 contracting TSE diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Aging causes energy metabolism rate and thyroid hormones function to reduce reduces the overall energy level. Reduced insulin sensitivity and pancreatic deficiency lead to diabetes. Body fat percentage including visceral usually increases with age. Men find their sex drive has decreased because of the amount of sex hormones have dropped. Women may suffer from osteoporosis due to lack of progesterone and estrogen. Both men and women can develop arthritis, cancer, heart disease, or stroke.

In short, our ability to work best in the world deteriorates and our minds and bodies slow. This is like our biological clock ticking slowly in silence.


Strength training is the Number One Way to slow down the aging


Aging begins at birth! At the age of twenty-five you start to lose muscle mass. It is up to you to slow down the process of strength training. Strength training is the number one action on my way to slow aging list.

Most people start to lose a significant amount of muscle mass at the age of fifty. It is almost four times the amount you lost when you were twenty-five. It is a term for it, wasting. Strength training will be at this age if you want to slow the aging process.

Muscle mass is very important for welfare. It is active tissue so it burns calories. Muscle mass also makes you strong and independent.

You need to make some changes when you strength after age fifty. Items are more prone to injury when you are older. You lose elasticity and moisture in the joints so that they get injured more easily than when you were younger. Take the amount of weight you lift down part is very important.

I’m not a big fan of body building so I do not encourage my clients to lift heavy weights, even when they are young. I’m a big belief in moderation. When you are young moderate amount of weight for larger muscles for most women is between 10 to 20 pounds. As you age to keep your weights 10 pounds bigger muscles is what I suggest.

Older women need to eat a little more protein than when young. You need to help your body deal with aging. If you add strength to the weekly schedule eating a little more protein is needed to help you build muscle. The average woman needs about 5 ounces of protein per day. Take it to 5.5 ounces is good advice.

One thing you have to think about when to have it a little extra protein is to make sure you get the fluid requirement. Protein can dehydrate you. The body uses more water to digest protein than it does carbohydrates so you need to drink more fluids to avoid getting dehydrated. You can become constipated if you eat too much meat so try to choose different kinds of proteins you use.

When you do strength training using glycogen for fuel. You have a limited supply of fuel. It is important to keep your strength exercises under an hour. It is about the time it takes to use glycogen storage space. If you pass the time the body must find glycogen from somewhere. It usually break down muscle mass to create glycogen. Which defeats the time you spent to build muscle.

You also want to strength train every other day. It takes about 48 hours to replace glycogen storage and you build muscle a rest day so you need to keep the Sabbath.

Keeping muscle mass is one of the most important things to do to slow the aging process. If you strength train every other day, keep sessions under an hour, and use lighter weight you should be strong and able to enjoy your “golden years.”

By Lynn Hahn


How to Stop My skin aging – Tips to stop aging skin


This question is a clear indication that you are gradually getting older; and the skin can show signs of aging, such as deep wrinkles, skin getting thinner, and in some cases age spots. These are just ordinary case as we grow older, and many are becoming aware of how they look as they grow older. Therefore, this gives rise to the popularity of anti-aging products, which are widely available on the market today

You’re asking how to stop my skin from aging. However, another question is: can you actually stop your skin from aging? What causes the skin to age? There are many reasons and one among them is the lifestyle and diet. Unhealthy lifestyle constantly exposed to daily stress and strain of life greatly increases skin aging. The food you eat also affects how your skin ages. To live a healthy life along with a healthy diet can greatly reduce the signs of aging; but it can not completely stop the aging of the skin

How to stop my skin from aging? This is a challenging question and many companies tried to answer that question by coming up with products that claims to stop skin aging; while other products claim to reverse aging, hence making you look and feel young.

These products usually contain natural ingredients that help revitalize the skin and reverse the aging process. Examples of these natural ingredients include vitamins and minerals, and antioxidants emolients. Regular use of these products will help you achieve younger looking skin that will increase your self-confidence.

Therefore, to answer your question about how to stop my skin from aging- looking for high quality anti-aging products that help to solve the aging problem.


Tips on how to slow the aging Physical


There are some simple daily actions that help in slowing down too physical aging. These features can be integrated easily into any ones life, are cost free and working for every person without exception. Not only will the aging slowing down, but also the general health will improve, and with that level of energy itself and all the good feel. Here are some of them:

Get a good night’s sleep. This alone will have a major positive impact on aging.

Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. This will help in hydrating the body, flush the body of toxins and waste, and make the skin look nice and fresh.

Eat less fat, especially animal fat.

Reduce sugar intake. And reduce the amount of processed foods you eat.

avoid all types of preservatives and dyes in food. One really does not have some of it. You will be much better to eat fresh food.

Avoid any type of soft drink. Reduce alcohol and caffeine consumption.

Eat lots of antioxidants. This means eating lots of vegetables, lots of vegetables, lots of fruit, like berries or citrus. Taking antioxidant supplements. The antioxidants are substances that help the body neutralize free radicals, if are to be effective, will affect the cells restore function, or in other words without having antioxidant cell renewal process damaged, causing damage to cells and the faster aging process.

On this note, if they are still smoking, this is the time to stop. Smoking, next immediately tar affects the lungs and all the health hazards that we know of, will create free radicals in the body, causing severe cell damage that leads to aging.

On this note, keep the respiratory system as clean as possible, it is necessary to slow the aging process. The lungs are directly linked to the efficiency of blood flow to all organs in the body, and clears the lungs will significantly increase blood supplies efficiency. The skin is an organ will be the ones to be in better condition and will look better and younger.

So on this note, Yoga practice is highly recommended. In yoga one of the main focus is on breathing exercises, which clean the lungs and improves ones health.

But then, many other types of exercise, the lungs expand the heart and bones, will help keep the aging process down (a brisk walk between 20 to 30 minutes a day will do the trick). But each one should be aware of his / her physical condition, and movement consistent. If you’re not sure how far to take the movement of the consultation with the doctor will be the best.

meditate! Meditation has a lot of benefits in general. One major benefit is very much slow down the aging process. By controlling ones stress level, but one good cell function repair collagen production and secretion. Mental balance has a positive effect on physical condition, and also the aging process down.

Keep your body clean. And purify your skin regularly.

Keep dental and mouth hygiene up. Floss your teeth, scraping the tongue morning and evening. Make sure you do not have gum disease.

Stay out of the sun, and learn to use sunscreen. The sun alone can make us look older. But what is more important is a lasting effect on our skin, aging lasting effects. The sun can keep the skin permanently damaged.

Do something you enjoy every day. Laugh when you can. Have fun keeps you young at heart and will help you stay physically young.

These are only a few suggestions, but with a very strong impact on our aging. Even by keeping only a few of the physical aging will slow down.

Making a change in his lifestyle takes some commitment, and could be difficult. But in the end, only the frame of mind. If your goal is to live a healthier and look better and younger then make the right decisions, and make commitments. You will have no regrets.


How diet can delay the aging process


When most people think of anti aging when it comes to skin, they think of skin care products, specialized cosmetics and surgical procedures. The truth is that one of the best ways to prevent early aging processes within both the skin and the body is to develop healthy nutrition habits. This works best when the habit starts early and continues as a constant, normal lifestyle. The following good habits will start you on the right track. Remember, this will not necessarily reverse the aging process; it can help her continue to get worse and add a healthy glow to the skin.

Eat a healthy diet, rich in fiber.

Most of what you eat should be bread (which includes pasta and rice but does not includes sweets like cake and cookies), fruits and vegetables. 35% of daily carbs should be whole grain products and complex carbohydrates. 29% of your carbohydrates should be from fruits and vegetables and 15% should be in proteins from meat and milk (or soy) products. Remember to get about 20% of the diet in good fats (Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils). The recommended amount of fiber is especially important in people who are 60 years and up. Taking more fiber than recommended can be unhealthy for your gastrointestinal tract, so follow the recommended amounts. Inconsistency in your daily nutrient and calorie ratio leads to muscle loss and this loss makes skin look older and sagging.

lubricating system from within by consuming plenty of fluids

The majority of drinks should be water. Because your skin needs plenty of water to stay healthy through proper moisture and toxin removal, the amount of liquid (this includes Pure juices and water, not soda, tea, coffee, etc.) that you take into your body is extremely important . The body is actually about 60% water, constant replacement of this is necessary; without skin becomes sunken and sallow.

Besides healthier skin, drinking more water can help aching joints, headaches, healing, hot flashes, lack of energy, and lethargy. This is due to dehydration, which in extreme can be fatal. The reason that most of the liquid should be water with a smaller amount of pure juices is because these drinks do not include diuretics, which means they do not pull up moisture from the body. Caffeine is act as a diuretic so it should be taken in small quantities or not at all. Dehydration also causes the aging process to accelerate. Because proper fluid intake increases overall health and increases energy, the skin glow, but it gives the appearance of younger skin.

Break your eating habits down.

Eat five small meals a day with healthy snacks rather than eating three big meals a day and eat too many sweets in between meals. Make a commitment to go now longer than 4 hours without eating a small, healthy (balanced) meal. By consuming daily nutrients your calories in this way, you are offering your body a constant supply of energy that helps the skin glow while skipping meals tends to create eating binges late in the day. We skipping meals and creating the late binge eating and resultant calorie consumption, you are setting yourself up for weight gain, ending stretch the skin. During weight loss, skin sags usually is something we want to avoid when we are using anti-aging technology.

Skipping meals is often done to try to lose weight, but the result is actually the opposite because food deprivation actually slows metabolism. Sluggish metabolism leads to even more weight gain and stretch the skin. By eating small meals throughout the day, you are offering your body a constant supply of food and metabolism is stable.

Eat less saturated fat.

body actually needs about 20 grams of fat per day. This is not trans fat, hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fat, but in good fat, Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils. These oils should also be balanced with one another. The good fat intake is especially important because the tissues are composed of cells, proteins are composed of fat cells. Because your skin is constantly renewing process, too little fat intake shows aging in the skin very quickly and the fat cells are not there to provide the necessary cushion. However, too much fat in the body is based, first affecting the skin. In experiments on aging skin, many women undergo plastic surgery; These measures often consist of removal of fat pockets and excess skin. You can see that the right intake of good fats is important to keep your skin healthy and young looking.


Stress Aging and Anti-Aging – Chronic Stress Response and aging


I know, everyone wants a magic pill for eternal youth! We love instant gratification in the form of quick fixes and symptomatic treatment. But change our lives and our lifestyles? Give up coffee and soft drinks? Just the thought of such a thing is stressful! Ha!

I’m not here to add more stress, guilt or anxiety in your life. I’m here to help and encourage you in a healthier lifestyle. I will survive 100 plus years. But it would matter if I could not enjoy life due to aging and degeneration?

So let’s explore the concept of aging. Let’s look at a role to decay and then look for solutions. What can we do to encourage renewal?

Our body instead of 300 billion cells a day. 300 billion! It is constantly remaking itself. How awesome is that? Why, then, we age? If our body’s natural renewal, why is it to break down as we get older?

And what does stress have to do with this?

Stress in itself is a normal part of living. The stress response is good when you are faced with a life threatening experience or the need to move fast action. The problem today is that we live in a state of chronic stress response.

cumulative stress and the occurrence of disease may define age more than chronological aging. Obviously we are not going to rid our lives of stressful situations. We are here to live! A love for rock climbing can be a stressful situation that really is life enhancing. But the constant Road Rage or constant stress producing work deadlines can yield decomposed body health.

We need to learn how to change our response to stressful situations. And we can supply our bodies with support foundational nutrition and exercise to encourage the best metabolism.

Let’s look at solutions.

1) Change how you respond to stressful situations. Deadlines? Traffic? Kids? Money? You can learn to respond in a relaxed way with these conditions. Learn EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) EFT is a great tool for transformation and change.

2) Eat foods that support your body in anabolic activity. By changing the food we consume we can support our bodies in the best of health. He foods that fuel anabolic activity. Give it life enhancing food!

3) use supplements that encourage anabolic metabolism. Anti aging nutritional science is exciting. By focusing our attention on the underlying causes of aging and increase in line we can help our body to maintain youthful vigor as we age.


How To Reverse the aging regenerative Nutrition and Natural Health


3 Keys to reverse aging

Regenerative nutrition is essential to live a healthy life, but to reverse the aging process we have to let your food be your medicine and medicine be thy your food . Food is supposed to be our brains; provide essential vitamins, minerals and nutrition that we need so desperately to correct biologically active & over all well-being. Western society is the most overfed and undernourished society on earth. Our cells are crying out for bio-available nutrients they can use to carry over 3000 biological functions. To reverse the aging process that we need to address key factors that cause aging, degradation and disease :. Inflammation, Cellular oxidation & immune imbalance

1. Cellular Oxidation due to damage caused by free radicals: Rejuvenating nutrition can and will do, as well as enable youth regenerative gene essential for longevity and health. We have about 52 “Youth genes” that go dormant aged 19-25. As these genes that once helped us grow, build muscle, balance hormones etc become dormant, we start aging & get older. To literally make the youth gene again that we need a very powerful and concentrated formulation of pure trans resveratrol, quercetin, catechins & polyphenols. In the correct ionic solution and the thickness of the mix, the persons nutrients elixir for longevity.

Science has found that this synergistic blend of natural ingredients can and will “change the youth genes back” and reverse aging . How would you like to live well in the 90’s and beyond, healthy and disease? It is possible. How about reversing disease with powerful regenerative nutrition like this!? People have truly miraculous results. In biology, regeneration process of renovation, repair and growth that makes the genome, cells, organs, organisms and ecosystems resilient to natural variation or events that cause disturbance or damage. Each type is capable of renewal, from bacteria to humans. We just need to give our cells the right amount of vitamins, trace elements & Fulvic acid necessary for the replacement and repair.

2. Immune System Stability: As our cells are constantly attacked in 1000 by free radicals every minute of our immune system can get out of balance and begin to attack our own healthy cells. By boosting our immune system with regenerative nutrition as fucoidan we can better fight aging, degredation & disease. Fucoidan is a natural nutrients in brown seaweed. The Chinese refer to it as “Virgin Mothers Milk” because it contains all the same nutrients and antibodies that breast milk. Due to recent events, please be sure the source is contaminant free.

3. Inflammation: To reverse the aging process, we must also address inflammation; one of the most damaging of all. Hidden inflammation is the cause of many illnesses and accelerated aging. We can use regenrative nutrition as fucoidan to stop this disease. Fucoidan is considered the most powerful natural anti-inflammatory. This one nutrient has over 800 published studies on the ability it has to renew healthy stem cells (hole Grail to live healthy), prevent and treat cancer, fight inflammation so effectively used Regenerative Nutrition turning aging These 3 factors: inflammation, Immune Imbalance & Cellular Oxidation causes accelerated aging. By addressing these issues with the highly effective regeneratve nutrition we can reverse the aging process. It’s not about the years of life, but life to years!


Defying the aging


As the years pass and the rich tapestry of life takes a toll affects how we see ourselves and how we behave? Should mental abilities, losing their get up-and-go as do our bodies? Do you think the old “or do you think young?”

Try to listen to the elderly as they relax with friends. Is their talks are future hopes; what they have yet to achieve? Is their conversation sprinkled with enthusiasm for what they have planned for next year, or they are looking back with nostalgia?

Young people are naturally programmed to think ahead. They talk about what they will do when they go to college. Their heads are full of ideas; new experiences, travel plans, home-buying, relationships, career opportunities; New friends, hobbies, achievements that beckon. On the other hand, many elderly people talk about the past and often on little else. It is as if they agree to them there is no future and so it becomes self-fulfilling desire.

The Key to Longevity

You take those who qualify for “eternal youth” prize. They are the more mature years who have the gift to be able to understand their prospects of physical decline and adapt their lifestyles accordingly. For many, their enthusiasm for life slows actual physical weakness. They know that age is just a matter of attitude. Maybe you can name a dozen or more famous people incredible zest and appearance belies the date on the birth certificates of their

You often hear the expression :. “. If I had her money, I would look like that of ‘appearance is subject to wealth or privileged access to modern medicine and cosmetics? It can help but it has limitations. We can all think of incredibly wealthy people for whom prosperity has had the effect of aging; the result of too much good living. Elixir of youth really does cross the wealth and social barriers

Young philosophies seems to cascade through Some peoples physical form. they seem to be forever youthful. It glows from their faces and rarely do they look back, except to laugh at himself. They plan ahead; they get excited about the holiday, family events, or new interests.

the young at heart to see past the half-forgotten country but never except dreams ahead. The early old are often highlighted in its previous life; it seems mild form Death Wish; all that gives hope for the future is of little importance to them. We’ve all seen the old youth and young old people.

Are Forever Young?

The forever young happy measures and, if physical disabilities prevent one task then they think about other less demanding one to take its place. Because the legs no longer as good as they used to be does not mind the age of

Change the lifestyle and interests occurs naturally throughout our lives :. In fact, it accelerates from birth. There is simply no reason at all to see the lifestyle adjustment of the 60-year-old to be any different with the changes we experience when we go from birth to childhood, the Teenage Angst and the age family. The change is not age.

no one gets out of here alive

A 65-year-old friend tells me he is having a much better time now than at any other time of his life. No, he can not physically fit teenage son than he is? The advantage is that most of his responsibilities, as to generate income and raise a family, have evaporated. He has happily evolved over the decades and is now working his age in a positive not a negative way.

Age is an attitude. We all know what the passage of time can do to us, but as long as you have some health and are happily firing on all cylinders spiritual; agree a lot and looking to the future with enthusiasm, there is no reason to lie down and wait to die. If you do, it will happen before your time is up. Think young and you will live many years longer.