What happens in the body during the aging process?


Despite a long life expectancy of our age-phobic our generation is focused on what happens in the body during the aging process. Many can not bear to look a day over 30, and they are constantly whitening, tightening, peeling and aging skin plumping them at warp speed.

What happens in the body of aging does not have to be a negative slight on the human body. We look at aging as a disease. What is most disturbing is subject to our invasive and sometimes risky procedures when there are many healthier options.

The best way to change your attitude is by twisting facts and understand what happens in the body during the aging process.

As we age, our bodies welcome different needs. There is drinking, thinner and not snap back as it used to. Our tissues and cells break down allowing smaller renovation and repair. And collagen, a natural protein and connective tissue in our bodies break down resulting in wrinkling, less stamina and features. The overall result is we lose muscle mass have less energy and it takes its toll on the healthy appearance of our

There are many more causes of aging. some avoidable and others are not. In a nutshell, you need internal and external culprit.

Principles causes of aging is a continuous process that begins in our 20 and include elements due to heredity, natural metabolic attrition and decreasing hormone production. Intergenerational control how quickly we age. Some people may feel strands of gray hair in their early 20s while others do not see the signs until the 40s.

extrinsic causes of aging are external factors that we have more control, such as pollution, sun and other environmental damage; free radicals; smoking, alcohol, drug use and poor diet; stress; and the use of harsh products that weaken the natural skin.

While no one can prevent signs of aging we must be able to slow down the process.

It is found that most premature aging due to the sun. Without protection against the sun’s UV rays, very little sun every day can cause visible changes in the skin. Age spots, rough leathery skin, spider veins, freckles, fine lines, a blotchy complexion and skin cancer can all be traced to sun. And while the sun does not come overnight, the damage is under the skin for many years before the actual signs begin to appear.

If the signs of aging concerns you, a way to understand what happens in the body during the aging process is a step towards prevention. We often look potions for understanding the roots.

must be fully informed without cutting corners and give the skin a natural pampering and nourishment it needs.