Strength training is the Number One Way to slow down the aging


Aging begins at birth! At the age of twenty-five you start to lose muscle mass. It is up to you to slow down the process of strength training. Strength training is the number one action on my way to slow aging list.

Most people start to lose a significant amount of muscle mass at the age of fifty. It is almost four times the amount you lost when you were twenty-five. It is a term for it, wasting. Strength training will be at this age if you want to slow the aging process.

Muscle mass is very important for welfare. It is active tissue so it burns calories. Muscle mass also makes you strong and independent.

You need to make some changes when you strength after age fifty. Items are more prone to injury when you are older. You lose elasticity and moisture in the joints so that they get injured more easily than when you were younger. Take the amount of weight you lift down part is very important.

I’m not a big fan of body building so I do not encourage my clients to lift heavy weights, even when they are young. I’m a big belief in moderation. When you are young moderate amount of weight for larger muscles for most women is between 10 to 20 pounds. As you age to keep your weights 10 pounds bigger muscles is what I suggest.

Older women need to eat a little more protein than when young. You need to help your body deal with aging. If you add strength to the weekly schedule eating a little more protein is needed to help you build muscle. The average woman needs about 5 ounces of protein per day. Take it to 5.5 ounces is good advice.

One thing you have to think about when to have it a little extra protein is to make sure you get the fluid requirement. Protein can dehydrate you. The body uses more water to digest protein than it does carbohydrates so you need to drink more fluids to avoid getting dehydrated. You can become constipated if you eat too much meat so try to choose different kinds of proteins you use.

When you do strength training using glycogen for fuel. You have a limited supply of fuel. It is important to keep your strength exercises under an hour. It is about the time it takes to use glycogen storage space. If you pass the time the body must find glycogen from somewhere. It usually break down muscle mass to create glycogen. Which defeats the time you spent to build muscle.

You also want to strength train every other day. It takes about 48 hours to replace glycogen storage and you build muscle a rest day so you need to keep the Sabbath.

Keeping muscle mass is one of the most important things to do to slow the aging process. If you strength train every other day, keep sessions under an hour, and use lighter weight you should be strong and able to enjoy your “golden years.”

By Lynn Hahn